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have been working/have worked

What’s better or more accurate I’VE BEEN WORKING at voestalpine for… or I’VE WORKED at voestalpine for…? Does it make a big difference in the sentences above? Does it depend on the duration (2 years or 10 years)? Here’s what Scott (from New Zealand) and Chris (from England)  had to say to this issue: Scott: Both of the sentences… (read more)


On September 15, 2015 at 10:04 am Brian said: Hi Stephan, My favorite dog word is “Schweinehund!” All the best, Brian Many thanks for your comment Brian. It took me a while before I could tackle this feisty and ferocious animal: an endemic creature which is up to mischief in German-speaking countries. Beware of this… (read more)

Going to or will?

Going to or will? You and a friend come home very late. Other people in the house are asleep. Your friend is noisy. YOU: Shh! Don’t make so much noise. You   ______   everybody up. (you/wake) (English Grammar in Use, Raymond Murphy, page 47) I’ve done a deep grammar dive to find a solid and satisfactory… (read more)

dog days

On August 31, 2015 at 6:56 pm Walter M Freilinger said: I like the dog. It’s a pity that the term “dogweather” isn’t used in English. Filthy weather sounds awful to me. So beastly weather ist my choice. On September 14, 2015 at 4:39 pm Stephan said: Hi Walter! Actually, dogs sometimes feel under the… (read more)

Confused? past vs. present perfect vague or specific? dimsumexpress: My observaton is this. Most people do not necessarily process every word in their brains for analysis. In everyday conversation, a lot of people just want to get the bulk message across without practicing precise tense and grammar, and it’s rather common. For myself, I’d try to maintain… (read more)

Mühlviertler granite

Last week’s course in Perg was a treat for me: I had highly motivated students who were eager to learn and appreciated my teaching efforts and my commitment. Sometimes positive feedback is just what you need in order to keep going – it’s nutrition for the soul. Some years ago I was overwhelmed with praise… (read more)

Under the weather

Whenever you are tempted to think that you’ve reached true proficiency in English – think again: English is huge and for people with a German-speaking background Denglish traps lurk everywhere. Be proud of and grateful for your educational background and the fact that you’ve survived skilfully in English-speaking countries. Take pride in the  level you’ve… (read more)